About Us

Event Architect is a creative events consultancy based in the Western Cape, and serving the greater Cape Town area. Our main aim is to offer streamlined planning of beautifully curated events.

Event Architect offers a re-defined approach to event planning. Because every event follows the same 4-step rule of planning: Research, Design, Implementation and Coordination, the differentiating factor is the visual direction. This is where Event Architect comes into play – we offer strategy, décor design, visual direction and coordination services to assist you in hosting a memorable event.

Whether you have exceptional organisational skills, but need creative direction or you are an eccentric creative that requires logistical and operational support, we want to make the event planning process as effortless and cost-effective as possible, whilst helping you to maintain a strong visual direction.

Our range of event-consultation, -styling and -coordination packages will provide you with the building blocks of knowledge and skills needed, so you can become your own Event Architect.

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