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by | Sep 7, 2018

Spring is here and it’s my favourite time of the year! It’s not too hot and not too cold – it’s juuuuuust right (much like Goldilocks’ porridge). In my humble opinion, spring is maybe the best time of year to get married. Even though it can be a bit of a gamble to host an outside wedding when there still might be a chance for rain, hosting a wedding in spring can be a marvellous affair!

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Below, I’ve put together a couple of ideas on how how to include furniture items into

your wedding spaces to best take advantage of the Spring season!


If the weather is on your side, you can set your tables and furniture on green grass, and incorporate the beauty (and bounty) of new spring blossoms into your decor and styling. A spring wedding also means that guests won’t be sweltering in their formal attire, which is always something to consider when thinking about South Africa’s hot summer weather!

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding


Host the ceremony and pre-drinks outside, whilst creating a sheltered space for hosting the reception inside. You can incorporate some blossoming trees and potted plants in your reception area, and add lounging and cocktail seating to the patio/veranda so you can have best of both worlds! If you are worried about the weather playing along – this may be the solution to calming the nerves, as you won’t need to be too reliant on clear skies!

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding


For an outside wedding, it is utterly important to provide your guests with comfortable seating  – not just at a table. Try creating spaces where guests can lounge about and enjoy the delightful spring atmosphere when the sun is up, along with the beautiful stars at night. Hiring in some lounge pockets and cocktail seating is ideal! You can add some decorative lighting.  This will create a lovely, warm ambiance whilst also helping your guests navigate through the dark and help them avoid falling over anything!

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding


Hiring in furniture can sometimes be costly, but in my experience – it is always worth it! No guest wants to sit on a dining chair up until the end of the evening. Especially those guests who don’t enjoy dancing, but would still like to witness the festivities, and feel part of the celebration. Placing lounging around the dance floor is a fun way to include such guests into the festivities. It’s a place where guests can take a 2-minute breather, maybe kick off their heels and relax before they return to the dance floor with the third rendition of “Simply The Best”.

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding



If you have a good eye for design and styling, you can dry-hire furniture items and style them yourself. Though this might help you save a buck or two, it can also be stressful task to take on by yourself.  Most furniture hiring companies have their own in-house stylist that curate lounge pockets and can help you choose what will suit your venue, your wedding look & feel and your budget!

On that note, Event Architect will be joining the ranks of companies that offer this service, as we will be launching our furniture hiring department in a couple of weeks ☺ Just in time for the end of spring and upcoming summer season!

Here are some sneak peek images of the furniture pieces we will have to offer:


This is just such an exciting time for Event Architect – it’s our favourite time of the year, the wedding season is kicking off and our company seems to be blossoming!

To all the spring couples getting married – enjoy the blessings of the spring season and everything else it brings with it, because before you blink, it’s over and summer is in full swing!

May you have a blooming spring month!

Happy planning,

Bianca Bressan-Dry


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