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by | Sep 1, 2018

As discussed in my previous blogs on Classic, Romantic and Modern Weddings, the first step in planning your wedding day is concept development. If you do not understand the concept development phase – please read my previous blogs as they form part of this series 🙂

In the previous blogs, I also explored  the four main wedding looks that are most prominent in the wedding industry, and how brides mostly resonate with any one of these four looks. These looks also serve as a useful tool through which I  classify my bridal couple so I can best understand what each couple’s hopes, dreams and expectations are for their wedding day.

This week I will be exploring my final wedding look – “Eclectic weddings”, a personal favourite of mine, if I may add.


I’ve put together a bit of information and insight on “Eclectic weddings” and what it entails, so keep on reading to find out whether you are an eclectic bride (or groom!).

What defines a wedding as Eclectic?

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding

What defines a wedding as Eclectic?

Eclectic –ˈɪˈklɛktɪk/
deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

I love the definition of the word eclectic because it so encapsulates the precise look & feel that these weddings convey. Though eclectic weddings have some recurring themes and  characteristics, the main feature of an eclectic wedding is that a diverse (and sometimes contrasting) range of styles and ideas are pieced together to form a complementary and harmonious whole.

Eclectic weddings exude a feeling of free spiritedness where you can opt to ditch what is conventional and “normal” and choose to create a space that is reflective of the bridal couple’s personalities – mixing and matching concepts, textures, feelings to create a warm, inviting and different space.

Not all eclectic weddings are colourful and rustic, it can be elegant and clean but it still has that sense of originality that you do not commonly see at other weddings. These type of weddings do not rely on the current trends or traditions, but rather reflect the bridal couple’s personality and character.

The dress code for eclectic weddings can vary. From relaxed formal environment to extremely formal – but guests are allowed to take more liberties with their outfits.

Below, I’ve put together some characteristics of eclectic weddings. But, take note –  there are many more since this look can be interpreted in so many different ways. See if any one of these traits resonate with you, because if it does, it can mean that you are a Eclectic Bride!

Colour scheme: An extensive array of colour schemes will suit this look. The more muted weddings usually go with natural greens paired with hints and hues of a specific colour, for example yellow or burgundy. Other colour schemes may be more daring with a diverse range of colours used together, such as rich jewel tones or moody autumn tones. The possibilities here are really endless, which makes it extremely exciting.

Textures: At heart, eclectic weddings are all about texturing and incorporating different and contrasting materials into a single and cohesive look. Using natural elements such as wood, stones and crystals together or playing with a range of different fabrics. Manipulating fabric by draping, dying, folding or even printing tables linens. The opportunities are endless!


An eclectic wedding is generally set in a natural environment  and has a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s fun, and can be quite quirky and free-spirited.

Wedding Dress: Eclectic brides tend to lean towards loose silhouettes, with hand crocheted lace details and intricate beading. Eclectic wedding dresses can have a more vintage feel and silhouette using soft draped silk or chiffon fabrics. Floral crowns or customised headpieces adorn the heads of brides and their bridal party.

Flowers:  Eclectic floral decor supports the notion that “more is more”! Multiple textured flowers and greens in a variety of colours are used together, even if they theoretically, shouldn’t be used together. This miraculously produces a harmonious balance of texture in  abundance.

Bridal bouquet shapes tend to range from large to very large – with flowers loosely arranged to create the illusion that they have been picked from a secret garden and bunched together. Since I have spent some time working alongside florists  I can tell you that this is a look that is not as easy to execute as it sounds!


Stationery is also a case of “more is more” – layers of beautiful textured paper, printed paper, transparent printed paper and more are all used together. Embellishments of gold foiling, laser cutting, embossed paper and variety of non traditional shapes or sizes are also quite common. An eclectic bride is a stationery designer’s dream client – this is where they play and have a lot more creative freedom.

Cake: Eclectic wedding cakes tend to move away from fondant, and lean towards buttercream iced cakes with touches of fresh flowers. If it is a fondant cake, handmade made sugar flowers will be used along with hand painted art, which has become a favourite amongst eclectic weddings.

Variations: Rustic-eclectic, Boho-eclectic, Jewel Tone-Eclectic, Elegant-eclectic, modern-eclectic

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding
Event Architect - Romantic Wedding

Bride’s personality traits

The bride that resonates with an eclectic wedding is someone that knows who they are and what they like and dislike. They are comfortable with their style and identity and is not easily swayed by trends. They like to create spaces that represent their personality, and love to share their quirky style with the world.

They never take life too seriously, love to celebrate with their friends and family and to create a comfortable atmosphere where unforgettable memories are made .  The eclectic bridal couple usually have a diverse group of family and friends, and open their hearts to various cultures and traditions – trying to incorporate them into their wedding day.

This is the final look out of the four main looks. Which bride are you? Classic, Romantic, Modern or Eclectic? If you have no idea and love all four looks – don’t worry, that’s quite normal in the beginning stages of planning your wedding. Believe me, your “inner look” will soon reveal itself as the planning process progresses and you will soon have you “ A-Ha Moment” of I am actually an XYZ bride.   

If you would like to speed up the process, however,  and want to have your A-ha moment” rather sooner than later, why not contact me for a consultation session so we can figure it out together!

Happy planning,

Bianca Bressan-Dry

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