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by | Aug 25, 2018

As discussed in my previous blog on Classic Weddings, the first step in planning your wedding day is concept development.

Concept Development means you need to decide on the look & feel for your wedding day.

Throughout my time in the wedding – and events industry, I have come to the conclusion that there are four main wedding  “looks”. I use these four looks as a tool to classify my bridal couple in order to best understand what their hopes, dreams and expectations for their wedding day. Each look has variations within themselves, but ultimately, I believe that most weddings can be ascribed  to one of the following core styles:


I’ve put together a bit of information and insight on “Modern weddings” and what it entails, so give my blog a read if you want to find out whether you are a modern bride (or groom!).

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What defines a wedding as Modern?

Modern ˈmɒd(ə)n/
relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.

A modern wedding would best suit the on-trend bride who loves all things contemporary! Modern-styled weddings are all about finding that balance between minimalism, elegance and ambience. In general, modern weddings move away from the more traditional ceremony and reception rituals and embrace more personalised wedding ceremonies by mixing up the order of service. An example of this would be to host a sit-down dinner for all guests first, where after the wedding ceremony would follow for dessert :-).

The dress code for modern weddings are typically formal, however there are some leeway here where many brides opt for a more relaxed formal environment – creating an opportunity for guests to take a spot more liberties with their outfits.

Modern weddings are for the bride who loves clean and sophisticated lines with added playful and out-of-the-box touches not usually seen in the wedding industry. In essence, modern weddings are all about exquisite simplicity.

Things such as explorative venues: cityscape weddings, town museums/ libraries/art galleries, industrial buildings.

Have a look at some general Modern Wedding characteristics which are usually incorporated in the wedding day. If any one of these traits resonate with you, this could mean that you are a Modern Bride!

Colour scheme: Modern weddings currently draw on monochromatic colour schemes. Colour blocking is also very on trend at the moment and has become a popular colour scheme choice for the modern bride.

Textures: For Modern weddings it is all about layering and juxtaposing textures. Smooth and elegant finishes such as perspex table stationary can be combined with raw and neutral table linens. Textured coloured ceramic vases can be used alongside smooth, metallic vases.


A modern wedding is an elegant and perfectly curated affair. Since modern weddings are inherently minimalistic in style, each decor element has been deliberately chosen and precisely placed in order to create a visual story which is simultaneously polished and spectacular. Modern weddings tend to expect formal attire for guests, but mostly it will look like a scene from Sex and the City where the trendsetters of our time come together to celebrate the union of the bridal couple.

Wedding Dress: Modern brides love clean and sophisticated dresses which are form-fitting or have a customised cut or shape. Dresses are typically pure white, although some brides do opt for some colour. Interesting pleating or modern details such as strategically placed panel lines and intriguing necklines alongside fabrics such as duchess satin and modern lace applique are all characteristic of modern wedding dresses. Most brides also don’t wear a veil.

Flowers:  Modern weddings typically follow a monochromatic colour scheme for flowers and decor items such as vases. Modern flower choices include tulips, cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, anthuriums, botanical leaves, dried flowers and palm leaves.

Flower arrangements lean towards the same type and colour of flowers, bunched together in small bud-vases. Bridal bouquet shapes also range from very minimalistic such as a cascading bunch of phalaenopsis orchids, to outrageously shaped bouquets – all dependant on the bride’s personality.


As with all the aspects of a modern wedding, the stationary is very clean and elegant. Unusual materials such as perspex, copper sheets and wood are routinely used alongside very textured paper. A modern wedding’s stationary can also have a very strong graphic presence – a mix and match of patterns but with a curated and clean look and feel.

Cake: Modern wedding cakes vary quite a bit – from one to three tiers, and also come in different shapes – square, hexagon, thin and tall tiers. Popular choices are a ‘marbling effect’ fondant, various coloured fondant or using repetitive modern patterns created with fondant. Most modern wedding cakes are clean and understated.

Variations: Kinfolk-modern, boho-modern, botanical-modern, chic-modern

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding

Bride’s personality traits

The bride that resonates with a modern wedding is someone that religiously follows fashion and design trends and wants to incorporate that into her wedding day. The modern wedding bride is someone who loves to curate her life, enjoys urban spaces and is at heart, a design-lover. The modern bride is fun and open-minded and not set in tradition – she would rather try and create something new that might become the new normal.

The modern wedding look is for the bridal couple that wants to celebrate their love and create a unique space for them to celebrate their big day.  A modern wedding is a great choice – it’s unique and elegant and pushes the boundaries! But be warned – this look is not for everyone and must be approached with caution! A delicate balance of what’s on trend and sophistication needs to be struck. If not, you might end up having just another on trend wedding in which case you will most probably have a “What was I thinking” moment a couple of years down the line when you go through your wedding album!

Are you Modern bride?  If not, keep an eye out for next week’s blog on the Eclectic Bride
and wedding look.

Happy planning,
Bianca Bressan- Dry

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