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by | Aug 17, 2018

This week we’re looking at a Romantic Wedding. As discussed in my previous blog on Classic Weddings, the first step in planning your wedding day is concept development.

Concept Development means you need to decide on your look & feel for your wedding day.

As previously mentioned, throughout my time in the wedding- and events industry, I have come to the conclusion that there are four main wedding  “looks”. I use these four looks as a tool to classify my bridal couple, in order to more easily understand what their expectations are for their wedding day. Each look has variations within themselves, but ultimately, I believe it all comes back to one of these essential styles:


I’ve put together a bit of information and insight on “Romantic weddings” and what it entails, so give my blog a read if you want to find out whether you are a romantic bride (or groom!).

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding

What defines a Romantic Wedding?

Romantic  rə(ʊ)ˈmantɪk/
conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.

The romantic wedding is the type of wedding that gives you that whimsical fairy-tale feeling. It’s the type of wedding where your Cinderella story has come to life BUT instead of your carriage turning into a pumpkin at midnight – you drive off in your carriage at midnight with your prince charming by your side.

Romantic weddings are enchanting and gives you butterflies in your stomach. Personally, these weddings are my favourite – they make you believe in love at first sight, and that every person will find their perfect match in life. Typically, these weddings tend to be a more formal affair, and resonates with the couple who would like to celebrate their love by adding a lot of personal touches, and creating a warm and inviting ambience.

Here are some general romantic wedding traits which are incorporated into the wedding day. If any one of these traits resonate with you, this could mean you are a Romantic Bride.

Colour scheme: Mostly hues of dusty pink, light purples, creams and shades of natural greens.

Textures: Items such as cut crystal, velvet & satin ribbons, layers of tulle and an abundance of candlelight are all winners at a romantic wedding. The current trend for romantic weddings, is to bring in touches of gold or rose gold.

Mood/Setting: A Romantic wedding is a warm and loving affair, but with a timeless appeal. For a romantic wedding, you would  expect guests to wear formal attire and would following honoured traditions throughout the day, whilst sharing personalised memories and adding personal touches to the setting. The ceremony is usually hosted in a whimsical chapel or in a beautiful garden with surrounding seasonal flowers. A formal sit-down, plated dinner will be served. Typically, a romantic couple will have a very personalised menu.

Wedding Dress: Romantic brides tend to lean towards more champagne and off-white ball gowns or A-line dresses. Mostly layered tulle dresses with Chantilly lace and some beaded embellishments. A sweetheart neckline is a favourite, and is traditionally paired with a slight train in the back and a cascading veil. The more daring romantic bride’s lean towards dusty pink dresses and would rather opt for a flower crown or customised hair accessories.

Flowers:  Variety of dusty pinks, purples and cream flowers are used with their natural greenery. Romantic flower choices include hydrangea, roses, stocks, tulips, and the most popular, peonies. Arrangements tend to be a mixture of flowers, arranged loosely creating a fairy tale garden on the table. Bridal bouquet shapes are mostly loose with cascading greens and flowers.

Stationery: The wedding stationery is elegant and usually incorporates a graphic floral print of some sorts. Textured papers, pearl finish paper and ribbons are commonly used. Detailed laser cutting or metallic foiling is also a winner when it comes to romantic stationery. A lot of layering and texturing is used to create that elegant romantic feel. Invitations are  mostly printed and hand-delivered to guests.

Cake: Traditional 3 to 4 tiered cake, covered in fondant or buttercream and finished with fresh
flowers. Champagne and dusty pink colours is the personification of a romantic wedding cake.

Variations: Classic-romantic, rustic-romantic, boho-romantic

Event Architect - Romantic Wedding

Bride’s personality traits

The type of bride that identifies with a romantic wedding, is an undercover princess with a heart of gold and style to die for. This is the type of women that lives to create memorable moments. For her, the wedding day needs to be a real life fairy tale which needs to be celebrated with her close friends and family. For her, it is not only important that the day looks as she envisioned on her Pinterest board, but it must also be a day filled with love and an event where everyone can enjoy themselves.

This look is for the bridal couple that wants to celebrate their love in true Cinderella style.  Bottom line?  A romantic wedding is a great choice – it’s whimsical, elegant and will ensure memorable moments for a lifetime.

Are you Romantic bride?  If not, keep an eye out for next week’s blog on the Modern Bride
and wedding look.

Happy planning,
Bianca Bressan- Dry

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