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by | Aug 13, 2018

When planning a wedding it is said to first decide on your look & feel, or in more layman’s terms, decide on your theme for the day. I don’t really like to use the word “theme”, I as I feel a themed event is more suited for a children’s or birthday party.

“A wedding is more about creating a specific look that reflects a certain feeling, such as elegance, romance or quirkiness – all depending on your personality…”

The look & feel of your wedding can be influenced by various factors such as your venue aesthetic, your wedding dress style and the season. In my experience, however, your wedding will most likely (and hopefully) be influenced by you and your partner’s personalities.

Throughout my time in the industry I have come to the realisation that there are four main wedding “looks”. I use these four looks as a tool to classify my bridal couple so I can more easily understand what their expectations are for their wedding day. Each look has variations within themselves, but ultimately, I believe it all comes back to one of these essential styles:


By identifying the main look you resonate with most, you will assist yourself tremendously throughout your planning process. It’s so easy to get overloaded with options and information and lose track of what you envisioned. So, when this does occur, you can ask yourself – does this really fit in with my “Classic / Romantic / Modern / Eclectic Look”? It really works well as a practical guideline!

By the way – you might resonate with more than one look, and there’s no rule against combining different styles. But typically, there will be one influencing style you will base the look and feel of your wedding on, and which you will use as a guideline for decision-making.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing a bit more information on each of the above mentioned looks – giving you some more insight into what each look entails so you can see what type of bride (or groom) you are!


What defines a wedding as Classic?

Classic | ˈklasɪk/: adjective
judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

The classic wedding is the type of weddings you see in Hollywood movies. They usually stand the test of time, as they aren’t influenced by the current trends, but rather expressed through more traditional and formal features.

Classic weddings radiate elegance – it’s typically a strictly formal affair, and resonates with the type of couple that would like to stick to traditional formalities – only adding small personal touches here and there whilst keeping the classic look intact. If you want elegant and timeless wedding photos, a classic look for your day would be the safest bet.

Here are some general classic wedding traits which are incorporated into the wedding day. If any one of these traits resonate with you, this could mean you are a Classic Bride.

Colour scheme: Mostly whites, off-whites, creams and shades of natural greens.
Textures: Items such as cut crystal, satin ribbons and pearly finishes are always winners at a classic wedding. Dependent on the current trend but touches of gold or silver can be added through cutlery, vases & candles holders.
Mood/Setting: A Classic wedding is an elegant affair with a timeless appeal, expecting guests to wear formal attire and following long honoured traditions throughout the day. The ceremony is usually hosted in a church/chapel and a formal sit down, plated dinner will be served.
Wedding Dress: Classic brides tend to lean towards more white or off-white A-line or column dresses. Mostly Duchess satin dresses with Chantilly lace and some beaded embellishments. Traditionally paired with a slight train in the back and a cascading veil.
Flowers: Variety of off-whites and cream flowers are used with their natural greenery. Classic flower choices include hydrangea, roses, stocks, tulips, Phalaenopsis orchids and peonies. Arrangements tend to be groups of one flower choice bundled together finished off with a satin ribbon around the stems in a clear glass vase. Bridal bouquet shapes are mostly round with a little bit of trailing greens or orchids.
Stationery: The wedding stationery is kept clean and elegant, playing with paper finishes such as textured paper, pearly paper or layering hues of whites and creams. Traditional fonts are used with the couple’s name generally in a more decorative font. Mostly printed and hand delivered to guests.
Cake: Traditional 3 to 4 tiered cake, covered in white fondant and finished with damask-like pattern of royal icing or dusted with a pearl finish. A couple’s monogram is traditionally worked into the design of the cake and some delicate flowers are nestled together on strategically placed areas. Clean and elegant is epitome of a classic wedding cake.
Variations: Romantic-classic, modern-classic, Holllywood-classic

Bride’s personality traits

The type of bride that identifies with a classic wedding, is mostly an elegant and poised person. This is the type of women that is set in tradition and has dreamt of her big day as far back as she can remember. She has watched every royal and celebrity wedding, knows all the best wedding dress designers by heart and has a scrapbook/Pinterest board with millions of images of perfectly arranged flowers, clean and crisp wedding stationery and wedding dresses that will put Grace Kelly to shame.

This look is not for everyone, but caters to the bride that knows what she wants and is not afraid to plan for perfection.

Bottom line? A classic wedding is a great choice – it’s timeless, elegant and will never go out of style.

Are you Classic bride? If not, keep an eye out for next week’s blog on the Romantic Bride and wedding look.

Happy planning,
Bianca Bressan- Dry

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