Building Blocks to become your own Event Architect

by | Aug 3, 2018

He asked and you said: YES!
Congratulations – you are getting married!

But before you can march down the aisle and say your “I do’s”, you need to start planning for your wedding day!

For some brides-to-be, their wedding day is something they have been dreaming of their entire life – the perfect venues have been carefully documented, the most pleasing colour palettes have been considered, the ideal guest list outlined, and the wedding dress has been dreamed up – down to the very last detail.

For other brides-to-be, much like myself when I got married, their wedding day comes second to the excitement and anticipation for just being married. They haven’t quite gotten around to dreaming of and planning for their big day.

Whether you have been dreaming of your perfect wedding for what feels like forever, or you have not quite gotten around to the dreaming part just yet, the fact remains: You need to start planning your wedding day and we know, this can be quite a daunting task!

Suddenly, all those dreams have to become reality or you need to start making choices about things you know very little about. You think to yourself: ”But where do I even start?”

This, friends, is why I am very excited to share this blog with you. As the Event Architect, I’ve mapped out the fundamental building blocks needed for a successful wedding day. I’ve also included some helpful tips to make this process as enjoyable as possible! So stop stressing – we’ve got your back! Have a look at the infographic below and start the journey to your big day.

5 Tips when planning your wedding day


  1. Book your venue and secure the date before anything else. Do not book any other service providers before you have established and secured your ceremony and reception venue/s. Certain venues are booked years in advance so if you have a specific venue in mind, get in touch with them ASAP and enquire for available dates. That is how my husband and I were “given” our wedding date. We did not have a discussion about which date will suit our guests best and what time of year we would prefer (which are excellent points to take into consideration by the way), we only wanted one venue and had no backup venues Therefore, when they said the next available date is only in 13 months time, we booked it immediately.
  2. Pinterest Warning! Planning your wedding day on Pinterest is an amazing experience, it’s everything you ever dreamt of and more, but be aware it also a bottomless pit of inspiration, which can easily make you doubt every decision you have made. Especially when you realise your Pinterest wedding is not as realistic and budget friendly as you wished. So my point? Do make use of Pinterest – it’s a marvellous tool, but be realistic and keep your budget in mind. General rule of thumb: if you have secured and finalised most of your wedding décor, stay away from Pinterest – it will only confuse you and make you second guess all your planning and hard work.
  3. Always keep it in writing – if it wasn’t written it wasn’t said. No service provider will keep your date open if you have not paid a booking deposit and signed a contract, and you cannot expect them to. Always confirm any personal or telephonic conversations on a follow-up email – “as discussed earlier…just want to confirm the following…” to protect yourself, and ensure the services rendered is as discussed.
  4. Do not procrastinate – take it day-by-day. The joke goes – how do you eat an elephant? The answer? Bite by bite. Break down all the various elements regarding your wedding day into small daily tasks, divide these tasks throughout your week. This will make your task list easier to accomplish, and stop you from procrastinating and having to do everything over the weekend! Small, manageable tasks is the key to success – this is a marathon not a sprint.
  5. Remember to have fun! You are embarking on the journey for the happiest day of your life. You are planning to devote your love to the man of your dreams, and that in itself, is an amazing thought. So every time you feel overwhelmed or stressed just try to remember this and stop sweating the small stuff!


Follow the building blocks above for your wedding planning and become your own Event Architect!

Happy planning!

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