The Event Architect Journey

by | Jul 4, 2018

Richard Branson once said that “starting a business is a huge amount of hard work…you had better enjoy it!”.

Since starting the Event Architect journey, no bit of wisdom could have been wiser or more true. Throughout the many months of “putting my back into it” – the late night dreaming sessions and early morning tea’s, the countless, meetings and feedback sessions with friends and family, the many ups and downs, wins and fails – I’ve experienced such a joy in making this dream a reality! And to have finally launched “phase one” of the business and being able to share a finished product, well, that just feels extraordinary.




As an INTJ personality (aka The Architect) I’ve always been the person that loves solving problems. By nature, I’m strategic – always assessing new tactics, implementing changes and having contingency plans in place. This, combined with my love for decor and design resulted in me pursuing a career in the event management industry.

I think the big “a-ha” moment came about when I got engaged and started the planning process for my own wedding!

At the same time I was studying event-management through The Aleit Academy. Through my studies, I was fortunate to work with many businesses in the industry – learning the valuable ‘tricks of the trade’ whilst receiving guidance from leading industry professionals.

Here, I also learned the ropes of event management – how best to manage the operational and logistical planning, concept development, sourcing of all decor elements and making sure all the components pull together to create a visually coherent wedding.

However, even with my industry contacts and experience, planning my own wedding was a time-consuming and stressful process. With great perseverance it all came together and it was a well executed and memorable day. And the biggest realisation throughout this period of planning – that there are brides with less resources and time, that need to plan their own wedding!.

Naturally, this made me ask the next question: What if you can offer a less stressful and time-consuming alternative to event planning and management?

This is where the Event Architect journey began.

With big dreams, I set out to create a company that can offer innovative event planning and decor solutions, that is accessible and friendly to your pocket.

This was my “white hot why” – the reason behind the business. So in many ways, Event Architect, came about as an extension of who I am and my experiences in the industry.

I’m so excited to share the rest of the journey with you and can’t wait to offer assistance and guidance for your next event.

With Joy,



Venue: Old Mac Daddy Trailer Park
Photography: Andstory
Flowers: Fleur le Cordeur
Stationery: Secret Diary Wedding
Cake: M Patisserie
Hair & Make up: Marzaan Lotz
Decor hiring & lighting: 4 Every Event

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